“The future of agriculture is in Canada.” This statement is often repeated by experts and academics in the agricultural industry. Canada’s fertile land, which provides a variety of resources, has given rise to innovation and research in this field. With a rapidly growing population, It’s never been more important for a country to innovate in agriculture than it is now.

The future of agriculture is in Canada. The country has become the center for innovation, research, and development on this subject matter with its rich landscape that provides natural resources.

The agricultural and agri-food sector is a vital part of Canada’s economy, impacting both North America as well as the world. Southern Alberta (Calgary), Edmonton, and British Columbia’s Fraser Valley are home to nutrients that help to feed Canada’s growing population but also have rich farming traditions dating back many centuries ago when indigenous people farmed corn on these very lands before European settlers arrived from Europe.

With its bright future in agriculture, Canada is the finest place to start an innovative business and expect growth.

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