Artificial Intelligence

Canada has cemented itself as a global leader in Artificial Intelligence thanks to exceptional talent, stellar research institutions, and the decision by the government that it would be an important strategic priority.

Canada has a growing AI ecosystem that will soon be defined by unparalleled government support. The Scale Supercluster, located in Quebec and spanning the Montreal-Waterloo corridor is dedicated to bringing together retail sectors with manufacturing/transportation infrastructure ICT networks for an intelligent supply chain. The future of Canada’s Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem lies within this secret project called “Supercluster”. It’s so powerful it can change how we live like human beings! With its bright future in agriculture, Canada is the finest place to start an innovative business and expect growth.

Canada’s strategy is attracting top minds to study AI at its world-class institutions and is welcoming entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses or grow their companies here in Canada. So if you ever wanted to start a business in this field but didn’t know where to start, we would love to help you.

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Artificial intelligence is already impacting the jobs market and it will increasingly affect how we live our lives. It can help us communicate better, diagnose illnesses and even create art. 

We will help you to understand what artificial intelligence means for your business and how it can be used to improve your future successes.