The future of travel will be different in 2022. The industry has been through disruption, but it’s not just slimmer – there are smarter and more innovative companies that have emerged from this difficult period.

The Canadian hospitality market was hit harder than most other commercial real estate asset classes during 2020. While the industry relies on business and leisure travel, conferences, or human interaction it is no surprise that they have been severely challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hoteliers should expect better times ahead as the industry has seen an uptick in vaccination efforts across America.

The future of travel is going to be different. It will be slimmer, smarter, and more innovative for travellers in Canada and across the world. The way we travel is changing. No longer are airlines the only option – as technology has evolved, so too has the way we get from place to place. From taking a ride on a self-driving car to booking an affordable last-minute flight on a flight-sharing app, to even staying at an Airbnb for the night rather than a hotel – there are now more options for how we plan our next trip. We’ve seen disruption occur in this industry. And while it may not be what it used to be – there are smarter and more innovative companies that have emerged in Canada.

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